Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Paul is learning to walk. Our little baby is growing up! The week of Thanksgiving he really decided to figure this walking thing out- and he has become very successful! He is not totally steady on his feet yet, and cannot get up off the floor without something to grab and pull up on, but he takes many steps by himself all the time. I only wish I knew how to put those video clips on here so you all could really see him in action! :) From chair to shelf...
And shelf to Mom.
Sometimes you fall down and it is really funny!
Sometimes you fall down and really need a hug!
"See my teeth?"
Hahaha! That's funny Mom!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ansons!
Lydia, maybe it's TWINS!!!! :P
Paul Anson, you are getting so big! And walking now?! It just seemed like you were born!
Love you all tons!


Hannah Michelle said...

What fun pics!! At this rate he'll be riding a bike before you know it! AH!

If you already have the video on your computer, you might try using clipshack...it's pretty easy. www.clipshack.com

YouTube is another popular video upload site that works about the same way...www.youtube.com