Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Scott's new job...

Well, I know it has been a while since I have posted- I will try to get you up to date! :)
The first of November Scott began a new job here in Seneca. He is a Corrections Officer at the Nemaha County Jail. He was approached for the job by one of the deputys and was eager to find out more. Although it was actully a little pay cut, we felt it was an excellent opportunity to get into the law enforcement area, and there are nice perks like insurance and overtime pay. Working out the schedule has been interesting... the jail was going from 2 full time jailers to full staff, 24/7 with 5 jailers. However, one of the other guys did not work out, so they are working odd ball shifts for now. Currently, (and indefinatly) Scott works 4 days and has off 3. They work 10 hour shifts- which means either 7am-5pm or 5pm-3am. (Or in the REAL laungue of the Sheriff's department, 7-17 or 17-3 :) And to make that more interesting, Scott works 3 days on one shift, and the 4th day on the other shift. He has Wed, Thr, and Fri. off each week. So a little change and a lot to get used to! But he is really enjoying it.
I have learned a lot about how a jail works in the past few weeks- it is not a place I am planning vacation for anytime soon! There is a big difference between jail and prision, and here you have about 3 good options for you time. Sleep, watch tv, (Is that really a good option???) and play cards. You are fed one of three cereals (rotated by the jailer daily) for breakfast, and you get a tv dinner at lunch and supper. If you are lucky, some relative may want to order pizza or a sub sandwich for you- which they can; as long as they provide enough for you, the other inmates, the jailer and the dispatcher. Oh, and as long as you and the other inmates have been good- no fights or other problems. One in trouble means all in trouble. Oh, and talking about trouble, you will be locked down in your cell for the day; as long as you get out for 1 hour out of 24. Because that is one of your 2 rights in jail. Right #1, at least 1 hour out of 24 out of your cell each day. Right #2, 2,600 calories a day. Everything else is extras.....
Anyway, Scott is provided some mighty fine looking uniforms, and wears cuffs and a handgun to work everyday. They did special weapons training last week, and Scott is now legal to conceal and carry. Wow! Although they do not really recommend it. They say that the best help you can usually give when off duty and by a crime is to be a good witness. You do not want to get into a shoot-out with a guy at the gas station when you have your wife next to you and she could get shot!
Don't mess with this fellow....:)
So, we are doing well. Deer season starts tomorrow, so we will be out way before light to try to bring in some antlers,.... errr meat. :) For our anniversary last year Scott got us both new hunting rifles, and this fall he baught a nice scope for mine. It is a 7mm Remington Short action ultra mag. (For those of you who know what that is, that's a nice gun, for those of you who have not a clue, I really could not explain it... But it shoots big bullets!:) It has a good kick, but I am ready for it! Hopefully I will have a picture or 2 to follow up on this subject soon!


Anonymous said...

Too cool, Scott!:)

Thanks for the update Lydia. Miss you!!


Anonymous said...

Ooooooh, impressive!! :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh I am soooooo scared!!

Anonymous said...

Are you going to be life Barny Fife and carry one bullet in your shirt pocket! :P

Mr. Paul is bigger each time I see him! Cute teeth, buddy!

Dad got me a hunting license so I'll be out there with a rifle soon! How many deer have you shot? Dad has been bow hunting, but hasn't gotten anything. She shot at one or two, but missed. So unlike him...... :D

Love and miss you guys a lot!
God bless,

Anonymous said...

All I can say is how much times have changed Mr. Anson!