Thursday, November 16, 2006


The past few weeks have been weeks of change in Paul's young life. He has reached several milestones all at once it seems. Through the end of Oct. he cut through his first 2 teeth. They are in the middle on the bottom, and they are REALLY SHARP! :) I would like to get a picture of them soon, but it is hard to get him with an open mouth, without his tounge in the way!
Then last week he completely weaned. This was harder on me than Paul. He seems very happy with a bottle and real food. It seems hard to believe that my little baby is growing so fast! It is a good thing though, we wanted my body to have a few months without feeding Paul before the baby is born.
The third big thing was also last week at my folk's house. Paul had his first real haircut! I had trimmed around his ears before, but the whole head needed to be done as he was starting to curl in the back! Knowing that 10 month old little boys do not sit still very well, we enlisted the help of my family. And it took just about all of us!
I started out with the clippers, Mom held Paul, Scott took pictures, and about 3-4 sibilings took turns feeding him different foods to keep him happy.
Here is a "play-by-play" of the whole process!
Before the cut- totally oblivious :)
"I am ready! What is taking so long?"
"Ummm, I don't like this any more!"
"Mom- what are you doing to my head???"
"Boy am I glad that is over! Look at all the hair on the floor!"


Just-us said...

WOW!! Lydia, this is SO crazy,,,,I just gave Justice his first haircut LAST NIGHT!! :) they do EVERYTHING together and that is so cool.... I LOVE the second picture,,,, it is HILARIOUS probably my favorite of his ever!!! So much of his personality came through in the blow by blow!! we love you guys SO much, and miss you like crazy... come see us when you can!!

Anonymous said...

I agree. The second picture is way too cute!

Anonymous said...

what a blessed little boy to have such a loving family!

Jenny Hull said...

Hey Lydia,
Remember the time when Becky got her hair cut at your house when just us kids were upstairs playing Barber?! Ha Ha ;P