Thursday, September 28, 2006

Outside boy...

Paul really enjoys being outside and the weather has been great for that lately. We always laught that Kansas has two seasons- summer and winter. No fall or spring. However, this year we have had a really nice September. Nights in the 40-50s and days in the 60-low 80s. Harvest is starting and leaves are beginning to fall. Ahhh! What a beautiful time of year. Fall has always been Mom's favorite season. I think it has always been tough on her, growing up in NY to come to a state that has such pathetic weather these autumn months. Growing up here in the country though, I am afraid I would take the combines and grain trucks over the neighborhoods of red maples- no matter how stunning! :)
The cool weather has brought apples, and I have enjoyed making applesauce and freezing it for later. Paul loves applesauce, so I don't think I can have too much on hand!
I saved some for eating though, and we "share" one most mornings after our walk. I take a bite and he gums all the juice on that part. :)

One evening we walked up and down our drive for a while as we waited for Scott to get home from work. Paul loves the cows our landlord keeps here, and just had to go over and investigate. It looks like the cows are as curious as he is!

He is a little country boy!

After a long walk, those heavy eyes would not stay open one minute longer! :)

This weekend we are looking forward to the wedding of some dear friends. Scott is honored to be part of the wedding party. We are so excited for Jonathan and Kayla!
And next weekend we have another wedding- a good girl friend of mine is getting married. (Only 8 days to go Emily! :) It looks like we will have a house full of company staying here by Thursday, so I may not get on to blog for a bit. I will try to keep up!
Enjoy this fall!

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The Ulmer Family said...

Awww!!!! I have such CUTE nephews!!!! I love those pictures of Paul with the cows!!! :) He is SOO sweet!!!