Thursday, September 14, 2006

Growing up

Paul is growing up so fast! I would blame my lack of blogging on his activity, but it is more an issue of time management than anything else! We have been doing really well. Septemeber came with cooler weather and beautiful days for being outside. Scott is busy at the dairy, and really enjoying it. Most days he works 8-6 with a lunch break that he enjoys here at home. :) Once or twice a week he works 3:30am to noon. We actully like this shift as it gives up the afternoon together. (After a long nap) They run a varied schedule so everyone takes turns with the weekends. THis week he worked Sat and Sun, but had Friday and Monday off. It is fun to have a little variety.
As some of you know, Scott has continued to pursue his law enforcement dreams this year with the patrol again. We found out recently that he did not make it again this time, but we are not discouraged. We are praying about Scott finishing his degree starting this spring and then trying again after he has finished his schooling. He already has 20 hours from night school he took back in Chicago, so we have some of the work already done!
Paul is crawling very well and pulling up on everything. He has been on a better schedule lately and that helps out everyone. He is beginning to say "mama" and it is sooooo precious! He is eating a lot of "real food" now. I still nurse him often, but he can put down a whole sweet potato in one meal! We also just started yogurt, and that with banana is a new favorite.
Until recently he was still waking up several times a night to nurse, and for the sake of peace and quiet, we just gave in, but this week, we started laying him back down. THere were two rough nights, but last night he slept ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE!!!!! FROM 8:40PM TO 7AM!!! What a praise the Lord, the busy nights were hard on me, and this a huge blessing.
Not to say we don't have our crazy days still- even Paul has a bad hair day in this shot!
I have been doing well, feeling good which is a blessing. Yep, for those of you who do not know already, sometime in mid-February there will be another little Anson joining the family! We are excited and the pregnancy is going very well. I did not have near the morning sickness I had with Paul, all together much better in that area. I have had some headaches this time, but that is usually because my blood sugar is dropping and I need to eat something! It is a bit of a challange some days, I feel between feeding Paul and being pregnant I just need to eat all day! Thankfully food sounds good! :)
Paul and I have been walking each morning. He really likes the stroller and a few times has even fallen asleep! I enjoy the exercise, especially now that the weather is nice. Most mornings we start out with a sweatshirt!
Well, that catches you up a little bit on our lives. I have been working on my own schedue lately and feel really good about keeping up on the house- Thursdays are supposed to be my day to blog, but don't hold your breath! :) However slow I am at times, we really enjoy this way to stay in touch with people and share pictures of what is going on. Your comments are always so fun to read!

God bless! Lydia for Anson farms


Ruth said...

Love the pictures and update! Your little man is sure growing - and what a cute guy! Sounds like you have worked a schedule out well. Hope things go well with Scott's schooling and the next patrol attmept. Congradulations on the new little one the Lord is sending! You look good - praying for ya'll. Look forward to visiting sometime soon!

natalie said...

Thanks for the update, Lydia. And congrats to you all on the upcoming little arrival! That was the first I'd heard of it, but hey, at least I'm more up-to-date now than I have been before on all the [ahem] Ulmer weddings... :-) Aren't blogs great??



Hey guys!
We are SO excited for you! Lydia I am glad to hear that you are doing well. I will be praying for you!
Thanks for keeping us updated!

Joseph Renken aka Doogie said...

Anson...a police officer??? Scott, it's amazing how much has changed since the Lord came into your heart! I'll call you tonight after my interview with State Farm here in Columbia. It's been a hectic week as I'm playing Mr. Mom taking the kids to school, talking with administrators, taking Deanna to work at 6:30am and picking her back up at 3:30., let's not forget unpacking! Take it easy and I'll talk to ya' later.

Micah Noel said...

Congratulations on the new Anson on the way! I talked to Esther a few weeks ago and she told me the news. I check your blog often. Its great to hear what's going on with you. I hope we get to see you again in person soon.

Hannah Michelle said...

Love these updates and pictures, Lydia! Wow, now that's exciting news about another little one on the way!! You guys are going to have more joy than you know what to do with pretty soon. :-) Life sounds wonderful (though never without its challenges, right?!)and I'm happy to know that.

Love and miss you guys! <3

Lydia :) said...

Congrats on you news! God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Your little boy is growing up so fast, but he is just as cute as ever! :-)
Congrats, Lydia, on your new little treasure!
God bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new addition. Tell hello to Scott for me and we will keep you family in our prayers. Bernard Judy and all