Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring time

Today I was standing in the yard in short sleeves and enjoying the sun on my face. Although the calendar said it was spring a while ago, winter seems to have a hold this year. Or maybe winter always lasts longer in Nebraska. Yep, we moved and now live west of Lincoln. In February Scott and I felt it was time for a change. Scott especially was ready to be home nights, (He had been working nights as a deputy for a few months and it was really hard for our family.) off work on Sundays so we could go to church and off holidays. Basically, a chance to spend more time with family and friends.
To make a long story short, we prayed for direction and ended up in Nebraska. We are close to several dear friends and Scott is working as a welder at a factory in Seward. He now works 1st shift, and we are loving him being home every night! We also love living in the country! We have a great rental house that has a big yard and room for a garden. (YEAH!) The boys are loving it.
And these boys are such a blessing! The love their little sister and Sarah is so much fun! I love having a little girl and have had a great time picking out her clothes and dressing her up!

Scott telling the boys a story

Don't worry Marcus, the good guys win!

Our precious little girl!

Paul is a great artist, here with his cowboy, cactus and sand. Drawn all by himself.

Paul without training wheels!

These boys are such a help with their sister!

My little darling :)


Elizabeth Hope said...

Is that Pauly Bryan Anson riding a bike alll by his lonesome?!?!
Way to go buddy!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I can hardly believe that paul is already riding his bike like that! Keep it up Paul! Those boys (and Sarah) are sooooo cute!
(aunt) Charity~

Just-us said...

WHOoHOOO!!! yay! we've missed you in blogland. And real-land! :) lol
love you guys and can't wait till june... great pictures!!! :)