Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer.... hot and busy!

I guess you could all figure out we are busy.... I am so behind in blogging!:)
We have really enjoyed our new home here and being closer to family and friends from the NE Kansas area. And our big yard continues to provide us with hours of fun outdoors. Even when the temps are in the upper 90*s, since we have such great shade, it makes it much nicer to be outside. (Well for some of us! :) Paul has been learning how to ride his two-wheeler bike with training wheels and would gladly be outside at 105* just for a chance to ride!
Here is a smattering of pictures from this summer. I hope you enjoy!
The new umbrellas from Grandma Sue are a huge hit!!

The wild west

Watch out for Indians!

We celebrated Philip's 2 birthday the end of July-

And we had Bryan and Grandma Sue here to share in the fun!

Ummm, cake and ice-cream

Philip LOVES balloons- his favorite part of his birthday!

Paul with all his cut and paste animals. This was Birthday present activity that he has loved all summer long. He was sad when he got all the animals done. He could cut and color and glue all day.

Someone else had a birthday this summer:)

In June we helped my folks set up their pool for the summer. Ahhh, how refreshing!

The boys love this story, "Thunder Cake". About a child who learns not to fear thunder by listening to the storms approach and helping her grandmother bake a cake. The recipe is in the back, and one rainy day we tried it!

Paul enjoys mixing the batter!

Also in June, we had the chance to meet Esther's husband to be- Micah Nelson. The boys decided to test him out and see "If he is a good wrestler" :)

Back in May we enjoyed a great visit with Shepards and had great fun with a cookout.

Paul sharing his smore :)

Enjoying Scott's new ride!

One highlight of the year was a visit to Chicago to see Tony and Lisa and the boys. We were privileged to be with them for the boy's baptisms.

Having fun with a giant bubble wand

And of course, time inside.
Well, it is getting late, hopefully I will get some more pictures on here soon!


Soni B said...

Ah looks like your days are quite busy...but the smiles sure do say a lot... Thanks for sharing , miss you all...

Just-us said...

YAAYY!!! a new post! i've not even looked for so long... makes me remember that I need to update mine!
Facebook is so much quicker that I use it by default, but blogging is so much more satisfying!!:)
so fun to see pics!! what a great covered wagon btw!!!
can't wait to seeyou all soon!!

Anonymous said...

These are all so cute (: