Thursday, September 24, 2009


Well, this month has been busy- and we are adjusting to a new normal. William is doing great- the boys love cuddling him and helping get diapers for him. Fall has arrived and we are enjoying cooler temps and Paul is very happy that Mom lets him wear long sleeve shirts everyday! Thanks to generous friends and family I have a lot of new and used clothes for the boys for winter, and I am half way through switching from the summer clothes to the winter stuff. This is a bigger job each year! Scott was able to take off work for about a week for "maternity/sick leave" so we have enjoyed extra time with him. Unfortunately, he has also had to take off some authentic sick time because this past week I came down with what appears to be Strep A and tonsillitis. But he has been a sweet heart and taken great care of me and the boys. I think we are all ready for Mom to be back on her feet though! :) Here are some pictures of the last month, enjoy!
Look who is 4 weeks old!

Playing at the the is hard work climbing up the slide!

These boys love to swing high!

Marcus and a not so happy William :)

Our little cowboy and his brother

We were delighted to spend a couple of days at "Papa and Nana's" early September as we celebrated with them Elizabeth's high-school graduation. Although I did not get any pictures of the actual party, or all the wonderful friends that were there to help celebrate, I did capture a few precious shots of time with the family. Above you can see Phoebe enjoying holding her newest nephew.

Picking raspberries...yummy!

More picking....


We love you Uncle Silas!

Nana and Will

Reading with Micah

Elizabeth can make 4 hours of sleep after 2 busy days look a lot better than I can!

Snoozing with Auntie Esther

The Sunday morning breakfast crew

The week prior to Elizabeth's graduation we had the blessing of Charity spending the week with us. She was a HUGE help and we enjoyed her a lot. I love this picture of her cuddling Will.

Philip swinging

A favorite activity..... swinging from the tree branches....

....Even better when it takes a big jump to get there!

Umm, I think I need some help!

Trying to get a smile....

Not quite....

I'll give you a grin Mom!

My little boys :)

A friend designed a great gift for us when Will was born. A bag of toys/activities/treats and such individually wrapped and labeled. I could decide what to do today and the boys had the fun of a present to open for several days after the birth. The boys loved it! Thanks Em!

The new Sheriff in town....

...all cowboy gear a gift from the real Sheriff in town :)

Don't look grandma!

Hail! After the big hail storm last spring and another one early this month, I am beginning to think we are in a bad spot! Looks like the next project for the house is a new roof!


Anonymous said...

oh,,, love all the pics!!!
I didn't realize till I saw pictures how bg Marcus is compared to Paul these days!!! praying that you feel better soooon!! love you all!

Anonymous said...

these are all wonderful, but the "don't look grandma" is priceless..
from another grandma : )

Clodoaldo said...

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