Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dinning room update :)

Well... the dinning room is a lot closer to being done and I LOVE IT!!!!!! Scott and I had worked on it on and off for several weeks, and then we kind of hit slump and the poor room was neglected for a while. Esther helped me paint the ceiling and Scott put up the ceiling fan, but it would not have got done without some help.
I have learned so much from this project.
1) Remodeling is a lot more work than I thought and I believe everyone should do it at least once so they appreciate what it takes.
2) It really helps to have a wonderful sister and brother in law come help. The type that know how to do this work and make it look sooooo good! (Thanks a lot you guys!)
3) Starting one room makes you excited to finish the house!
The pictures do not do the room justice. It is so nice! We have some finishing up to do. The base board needs finishing and paint and the windows need the final coat of paint. But mostly done! Yeah!!!!
Above are the two new windows.
Although it looks like royal blue on the left, it is really a nice navy. The crown makes the room look so formal and elegant.

This picture is taken with the carpet ripped up and "quick swept", we did not even clean it yet, and look how nice it is!

The view from the living room.... remember how it used to look?!

Coming in from the kitchen. (the strange dots on the wall of on my camera, not the wall.)


Ellie said...

That looks so good! You did a great job. Love the dark color with the white!
You are totally right! Remodeling is a lot of work! But help is definitely wonderful and a lot of fun at the same time!

Beckman Family said...

What a big change! It looks wonderful! So homey! Can't wait to see it (and the proud inhabitants)
in person!
Thanks for your call and prayers.....
Hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! Thanks for letting me stop by yesterday on my way home! The dining room looks fantastic. You have good taste!

Love ~ Em

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh...can't wait to see your new room but I agree the inhabitants make the home ate real draw...can't wait t see you next week. Love mom/Nana

Anonymous said...

whoops should have said "the real draw"

Just-us said...

awww, your pics turned out so much better than mine!!! how fun!! now we'll have to get you all to get down here as soon as the weather stays nice again!!!
lOve ya!

Ruth said...

The pictures are great, but I look forward to see it in person. What a transformation! I'm impressed - great decorating Lydia!