Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Marcus turns 2!

Well February brought Marcus' second birthday- and although it was much anticipated by parents and and older brother, Marcus was not impressed. When asked "Is today your birthday?" he would respond- "NO"- "Do you want some cake?" - "NO"....... The poor guy did not know what a birthday was! By the end of the day he had decided it was a good thing though- and after a lot of work will tell you his age upon questioning. Well, actually he tells you he is 3 and then when you say "What???" he says- "Paul's 3, you (what he calls himself) 2." So cute!
For a boy who was not that excited- we ended up with a lot of pictures. Hope you enjoy them!
Birthday meal- anything with noodles (He LOVES pasta- he must get that from Aunt Esther! :)
and green beans.

A great snack treat from Papa and Nana!

Marcus LOVES fruit- but is not a big fan of other sweets. He has great self control and will often give me the last half of his cookie/cake/candy.
I decided on simple white cake with cool whip and strawberries. He loved the strawberries!

Fun candles!

Singing happy birthday

Blow out the candles!

Uhhhh... deer in the headlights

I love birthdays!

A big present from Mom and Dad -(and Papa and Nana, thanks!)

What is it?


Look at the animals!

Look! A farm!

The boys love playing with their birthday toys and have started to play together well. What a blessing!

Opening a package from Grandma Sue

What is in here?

A fun game!

A new book!

Reading very carefully

Thanks Grandma Sue!!!


aunt elizabeth said...

GREAT pictures, Lydia!! I miss the boys so's just been too long!! And these pictures are so great-- especially Philip's 'deer in the headlights'. He's getting SOOO big!! Only a couple of months and he'll be 1!! Where does the time go!?!?!?!?
Love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

OAHAHAHA!! I can't believe Marcus is two!!! -he looks SO big in those pics!! I can't wait to see you guys!!!