Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The Ansons are alive and doing well! WE are quickly adjusting to life with 3 boys- and it is a blessing. It is also busy.... so this post will be mostly pictures and not much news- enjoy! family snapshot while Grandma Sue was here. Marcus was being rather willful- he did not want to take pictures, but we got a half smile!
Someone likes his thumb.... when he can find it!
Bad hair day. :)
We had great help from Charity for a week. Thanks Charity!!! The boys miss you!
Playing at the park
Two adoring grandmas. Thanks for coming and helping us out Mama Sue!
I am such a BIG helper!!

"And the good guy jumped high in the air....."
"Your turn!"
A fun present from Grandma Sue
These boys LOVE to sing
Someone is learning to smile for the camera!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness.......I've never seen such cute little men in all my life!! Seriously, they are just way too adorable!!
I LOVE the picture of Pauly and Philip, and the last one of Marcus!!!
Aww.....I miss those boys!!
~Auntie Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

So sweet! They are so cute!
Thank you for letting me visit!
Lord bless,

allyn&emily said...

Fun! Looks like an active crew you have there. Enjoy the cooler temps!

Ellie said...

Look at all that beautiful hair! I love babies with dark hair.
Thankfully Mom had a dark haired baby this time. It's the first one since me!

Hannah Michelle said...

I love the first picture - now that is one cute family!!

Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure for to come and help you lydia, and I'm glad you are able to come on micah's b-day!!!! miss ya all lots!! see ya soon!!!