Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Boys having fun

We have been very busy this fall- we were gone 3 weekends in a row! It is really nice to be home now. No big trips on the horizon. Scott is enjoying his work very much and between work and classes he stays pretty busy. (Did I mention that he is enrolled with Kansas City Community College- he was last semester as well. He is obtaining his degree in Police Science. He does all his work online- which makes wireless internet not just a nice thing- but a necessity! :) Busy, and yet he always puts the family first- we are truly blessed with such a good husband/daddy.
There is so much to catch up on! A weekend camping at Mark Twain State Park in Mo., a trip to Chicago for Tony's wedding, (Scott' s brother) and little happenings here at home! In all the special events, I did not want to miss the precious moments here- so below are some shots of my boys having fun! Paul wants to kiss someone on the computer :)

This tractor is kind of small

"Don't look Grandma- but I am a climber!"

Brother love


"I can almost pick him up!"

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Anna Baltensperger said...

So cute pictures! Was especially hilarious to see Paul trying to ride the tiny toy tractor....and ofcourse the two boys tumbling with each other!